Organic melons and mangos


On deck now is our beautiful Keitt Mango.  A wider mango with a rich amber color inside.  It is a low fiber mango with a brix of 16. 

Harper Melon

Our Harper Melons are gaining a lot of attention due to their fantastic flavor and the ability to have a long shelf life.  The fruit is firm and sweet.

Galia Melon

Our Galia Melon has a sweet and spicy flavor.  Pale green inside.  Thirst-quenching and filling all at once.

Personal Mini Watermelons

Our Personal Mini Watermelons come seeded and seedless.  Sometimes called a dwarf melon, they have all of the flavor of a large melon but in a more manageable size.  And the shelf life on this beauty is fantastic!  Can be kept 3-4 weeks.

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