Nature's nectar        organic veggies

Nature's Nector Produce is recognized in the retail and wholesale markets for high quality in flavor, shelf-life, and customer satisfaction.


Our fresh produce is grown by happy employees with the highest attention to quality, beginning with the seeds we choose. We grow in modified net houses to control pests, and also to withstand hurricanes.


Our farm is one of the first farms on the southern Baja pennisula to be certified organic, and consistently scores highly on Primus certifications. Natures Nectar produce is temperature-controlled throughout the entire picking, packing, and shipping processes, until it arrives and is distributed from Los Angeles to our customers' shopping carts.

Vida Fresh offers all two different Mango varieties: The Narango and the Keitt Mango.
Field grown Sweet Corn
We offer Organic Galia Melons, Harper Melons, and Mini Personal Watermelons.
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P. O. Box 1808

Morro Bay, California  93443

805 772-7020

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Our Farm, Sueño Tropical, is Certified by: