Nature's Nectar Produce

September 1, 2016 – Morro Bay, CA ~

Nature’s Nectar Label Fresh Organic Produce Arriving Soon ~

Beginning October 2016 Vida Fresh, Inc. will begin shipping our popular, high quality organic produce.

Organic Vegetables

Green Beans



Hard Squash

Mini Sweet Bell Peppers(3-color)

Vine Ripe Tomatoes

Org 2-Layer Tomatoes

Org Roma

Org Grape

Org Cherry

Org Tasti-Lee®

Organic Fruit

Personal Mini Watermelon

Galia Melon

Harper Melon

Narango Mango (our exclusive mango)

Nature’s Nectar produce is recognized in the retail and wholesale markets for high quality in flavor, shelf life and customer satisfaction. Vida Fresh’s fresh produce is grown by happy employees with the highest attention to quality beginning with the seeds we choose. We grown in modified net houses to control pests yet are engineered to withstand hurricanes. Our farm, Sueño Tropical, is one of the first farms on the southern Baja to be certified organic and consistently scores high on Primus certifications. Natures Nectar produce is temperature controlled throughout the entire picking, packing and shipping processes, until it arrives and is distributed from Los Angeles to our customers shopping carts.

We are eager to begin the new fall sales and growing season with the strength and ability of our talented Vida Fresh Team and with our long time customers.

Vida Fresh, Inc. and our partner farms Sueno Tropical are grower/ packer/shippers of organic vegetables and fine culinary fresh herbs, both organic and conventional. We are certified Organic by Oregon Tilth and Food Safety by Primus.




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